Shopfloor Storage

We offer a Variety of Storage options on the Shop floor from Brands like Godrej / Kennedy / Aegis / Stanley / Proto / Facom

Roller Cabinets

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a certain tool or wrench and not being able to find it. Tool storage cabinets differ from tool chests in that chests are smaller and designed for portability to your work area or jobsite. Cabinets provide a base for larger tool chests or function on their own as a tool organizer.
Roller cabinets and Chests feature easy-open drawers that can hold up 30kg UDL to 200kgs UDL per drawer. Depending on the size, the number and size of these drawers will vary, accommodating everything from small hand tools to larger tool cases.
Rolling tool cabinets and tool chests are a great addition to any workshop. Rolling Units have heavy-duty castors that can support a 300Kg UDL, and going upto 500kg UDL, and several models are designed with wooden tops to make them a mobile workstation.

They can also be customized with power strips for charging power tools and batteries. All Cabinets also come with a lock and keys to safeguard your tools when you’re not around. Some higher end models also come with RFID Tags, Electronic number keys, etc.
Clear up storage problems and get your workshop organized with a tool cabinets from Oriental Tools Company .

We have a great selection of tool cabinets, from brands like Stanley, Kennedy, Proto, Facom, Fami etc to help you keep your equipment organized and ready for use.

Industrial Cabinet

Industrial cabinets available at Oriental Tools fit all storage needs and have a wide range of accessories such as: shelves, drawers, dividers, containers, boxes, removable frames and worktops.
The metal cabinets are ideal equipment storage solutions, perfectly suitable for streamlining department activity, improving the timing and efficiency of production processes.
Our team of experts can help you customize almost every aspect of the cabinet, that is best suited for your application, including load capacity, height, width and color etc.
Do reach out to us for all your shop floor storage requirements

Perforated Boards

Perforated boards, or tool panels, are very useful items, not only in workshops, but also in a variety of settings such as shops, laboratories or offices, thanks to the wide range of available accessories. They can be used for arranging tools, notes, products or equipment.

We at Oriental Tools work with brands like Toptul, Facom, Fami, Kennedy, and Aegis to give you the right product best suited for your application.


A work bench from Oriental Tools, can help your staff boost productivity and safety on the job. Find the style of industrial or commercial work bench that fits your needs. It is extensively used in electrical, electronic, aerospace, and automobile industries.
It is one of the most useful products in a Machine shop, used extensively in Research and Development etc.
The are very useful for keeping a variety of products on the top as well as under a shelf of the table, are offered in various specifications, and can be custom built as per the need of clients. We offer a host of options in ready work benches from Facom, Aegis, Kennedy, Fami etc. We can also customise to your requirement.

CNC Tool Holders and Storage

Specific storage systems are used for storing and arranging CNC tools to ensure maximum protection is assured during their transportation, handling and storage in the shop floor.
CNC tool storage system we cater to includes 5S compliant, Organized stock inventory, Outstanding visual, Low maintenance, Three side-access (no overreaching), Rapid pick & retrieval, flexible in design, etc.
We have an Extensive range of tool holding types for most CNC standards like CAPTO/VDI/ISO/BT/HSK etc.
Nc Storage Solutions are mainly from Fami, and a small range of products can also be customized from Aegis

Material Trolleys

The design and flexibility of warehouse trolleys respond to the needs of the most diverse applications in the industrial, health care, business, retail, hotel and catering sectors as well as, among others, in public institutions and offices. Suitably organised, a tool trolley, or industrial warehouse trolley, is able to optimise equipment or goods handling schedules, even when large quantities are involved.

We work with world class Indian Manufacturers and Global Suppliers to bring a wide range of products suitable to you in this range.